The context

Parliamentarians play a crucial role in the implementation of the 2030-agenda. As legislators, they pass the laws that are necessary to create the systemic changes needed to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. Parliamentarians adopt budgets and allocate resources towards sustainable development. They perform oversight and hold governments accountable to deliver on their promises to implement the 2030-agenda.

As representatives, they are the link between people and power, and they can engage with their constituents to increase impact and raise awareness around the SDGs. Some parliaments are responsible for the ratification processes for international agreements, and as such they are the natural link between the multilateral/regional spheres and the people. MPs can translate international commitments into local realities.

Limited implementation of SDGs

Unfortunately, the number of parliaments engaged in the implementation of SDGs is still limited. According to the IPU, only 14 % of parliaments around the world are actively working with the 2030 agenda.

Decade of Action and Delivery

The UN has launched the Decade of Action and Delivery to intensify the efforts to achieve the SDGs. This will only succeed if Parliaments are actively involved.