Rohani Abdul Karim is an elected Member of Parliament in the Malaysian house of representatives, former Federal Minister of Women, Family and Community Development, and the Chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group of Sustainable Developments Goals (SDG).

Hon. Rohani Abdul Karim is an active member of PfGG. The Malaysian APPG has used a bottom-up approach to introduce the 2030 Agenda in the parliament. The parliamentarians act as champions of the SDGs in their respective constituencies, where they have managed to build support. The APPG has received funding from the ministry of finance to invest in community projects related to SDGs.

Ms. Rohani values being part of the PfGG network, she says, “for tackling these SDG issues we have to do a lot of cooperation and partnerships. We cannot be on our own. […] When we are talking, it refreshes me.” This network demonstrates that every country has its challenges with achieving the SDGs, and there is still a lot to be learned. Ms. Rohani believes that we can implement the SDGs by working together: “Sharing makes us see that we are in this together”.


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