As part of the Obama Leaders Asia Pacific Legacy Project, Kirsten Brosbøl was invited to speak at the University of Guam’s Conference on Island Sustainability. The conference was held on April 8th and moderated by Dr. Maya Soetoro, President Obama’s sister. Kirsten held a presentation about the island of Samsø (Denmark’s) renewable energy strategy and the link to the global 2030 Agenda. 


Kirsten presented the remarkable achievement of the island of Samsø, where the community came together to mobilise support and resources to become self-sufficient with renewable energy. 


The island of Samsø is a great example of how ambitious political leadership, and partnerships between governmental institutions and local pioneership managed to bring people together and make this vision come true.


If we want a transition to happen in a short time, we need top-down and policy regulation from governments and political leadership. We also need local pioneership bottom-up effort that makes our local communities deliver the golas. You can see Kirsten’s talk here.


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