On April 6th, we invited Niels Ploug from Statistics Denmark, and Birgitte Feiring and Maria Ploug Petersen from the Danish Institute for Human Rights, to an expert webinar on developing and using Key Performance Indicators to monitor governance actions against the UN Sustainable Development Goals. 

Niels Ploug presented the Our Goals Project, which translated the UN SDGs to the Danish context. The project looked at Denmark’s ambitions and expectations for the future, based on the insights from various stakeholders from across society, to generate Danish Indicators. These Danish Indicators are therefore fully aligned with and relevant for the Danish culture, and provides a framework for monitoring the progress of the goals within the Danish National Action Plan. Read more about the Our Goals project here (in English): https://www.dst.dk/en/Statistik/Sdg/aktiviteter/danske-maalepunkter

Birgitte Feiring and Maria Ploug Petersen presented another complementary tool, the Human Rights Guide to the Sustainable Development Goals. This database was generated by the Danish Human Rights Institute, and links the SDGs to existing international policy instruments in an extensive recommendation retriever. The experts also provided recommendations and best practices regarding the generation and use of data, including the need for wide participation in the data collection process, especially by the marginalised, data disaggregation to prevent discrimination, but also transparency, privacy and accountability in data collection and use. They also presented a framework for harnessing this data ecosystem and developing indicators for tracking progress on Human Rights based on existing recommendations. Find the database tool here (in English) : https://sdg.humanrights.dk/ 


The recording of this expert webinar as well as the presentation materials will be made available shortly. 


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