On the 19th February 2021, Parliamentarians for the Global Goals led a webinar with the Indian National School of Journalism, Constructive Journalism and MPs from around the world to discuss the potential of synergies between the media and politicians for the implementation of the SDGs worldwide.

Here are some interesting take-away points from the experience and challenges of MPs around the world: 

  • The incentive structure of the media has a massive impact on both the democratic trust, and on the constructiveness of political priority-setting.
  • Media practices are an opportunity to reinforce the relation between MPs and their constituents.
  • Media attention and political decisions are correlated, creating opportunities to focus the attention of the public and of decision-makers onto the implementation of the SDGs. 
  • The media also plays a role in the accessibility of SDGs, through knowledge dispersion and accessible language. 

Communication plays a huge role in the SDGs roadmap, both for their practical application and for the acceptability of measures from the public. 

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