22 March 2021 – Climate Leadership webinar

The COVID-19 pandemic forced the postponement of the 26th UN climate conference (COP26) and the 15th UN biodiversity conference (COP15), which will both now take place this year. In this context, decisive action from governments and legislators is urgently needed to address the increasing rate and impact of climate hazards all over the world. Thus was the message carried by Professor Jeffrey Sachs, President of the Sustainable Development Solutions Network and Gabriela Cuevas, Honorary President of the IPU and Co-chair of the UHC 2030 , ’ opening remarks.

On Monday 22nd March, PfGG and SDSN gathered experts, experienced climate negotiators and parliamentarians from around the world to prepare for this COP. 

Ambassador de Alba, Special Envoy of the United Nations, Secretary-General for the 2019 Climate Summit, from Mexico, shed light and gave practical insights on the NDC commitments and need for inclusiveness in preparation for COP26, based on his own extensive experience with international climate multilateral agreements. Laurence Tubiana, France’s Climate Change Ambassador and Special Representative for COP21 in Paris, presented the challenges and opportunities of both the negotiation and implementation phases of the COP26 process. She also shared best practices for connecting and empowering citizens, and emphasised the importance of parliamentarians as the voice of the people throughout the process. Rasmus Nordqvist, a current MP at the Danish Parliament and who served as a negotiator in COP21, shared insights into how parliamentarians can best engage and steer the negotiations at the COP26, but also keep track of the actions of the government following the Conference, to ensure their alignment with NDCs and other national and international targets and commitments. Finally, David Smith, Director of the Center for Environmental Management at the University of the West Indies, highlighted the differentiated effects of climate change within and across countries and how these critical aspects of climate change can be uncovered and acted upon through collaboration between MPs and alliances across all parts of society. 


The floor was then open to contributions, remarks and challenges stemming from the experience of MPs from all around the world.

The webinar was facilitated by Kirsten Brosbøl, founder and CEO of 2030beyond and of the Parliamentarians for the Global Goals alliance. 

A replay of the experts’ presentation can be found via the following link: Parliamentary Leadership for the 2030 Agenda: Preparing for COP26 

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